MAXUS e Deliver 7



The Maximum Power is 150Kw , the peak torque is 330Nm” 
DC mode: from 20% - 80% in 43 minutes @ 90kW
AC​ mode: from 5% - 100% in 8hrs(77kWh) & 9.3hrs(88kWh) @ 11kW

SAIC are the leaders in the technical revolution, continually leading the way in the development of new technology and solutions for the automotive industry.

A part of that revolution is being the market leaders in battery technology, we have two battery options for the eDELIVER 7, by using various battery cooling methods, which allows us to reduce charging time to as little as 43mins (DC), extend battery life and increase the operating range.

The eDELIVER 7 comes with a 150Kw / 330Nm motor and a choice of 2 batteries configurations, 77Kwh and 88Kwh with A/C & DC charging as standard.

MAXUS eDeliver 7 L1H1 77kWh

MAXUS eDeliver 7 L1H1 88kWh

MAXUS eDeliver 7 L2H1 77kWh

MAXUS eDeliver 7 L2H1 88kWh

MAXUS eDeliver 7 L2H2 88kWh



  • Basic vehicle warranty covers the non Electric Vehicle parts – 5yrs 60,000 miles (100,000 Kms)
  • Electric vehicle drive train warranty covers all the electric vehicle parts – 5yrs 60,000 miles (100,000 Kms)
  • Electric vehicle battery (Li-Ion) capacity coverage covers capacity loss – 8yrs 100,000 (160,000kms)
For t&c’s see page 3 of the “Service / Warranty Handbook
Your vehicle is covered by a warranty package for 5 years 60,000 miles (96,000kms) and the Battery 8 years 100,000 miles (161,000 Kms) from date of first registration. Your MAXUS Dealer or MAXUS EV Dealer is able to repair or replace, without charge, parts that are found to have a material or assembly defect that is recognised by MAXUS. The paintwork warranty runs for 3 years and the anti-corrosion warranty for 10 years.
For full warranty terms and conditions please visit MAXUS website /warranty.

MAXUS Assist 

  • 5 Years MAXUS Assistance 

Should you need it, we’ll provide emergency roadside repairs or recover you to the nearest MAXUS Dealer or MAXUS EV Dealer. This service is available 24 hours a day and is provided for 5 years or 60,000 miles (100,000 Kms) from the date of first registration, whichever comes first. Assistance is provided within the UK & Northern Ireland only at roadside and home and includes national recovery to nearest dealer or home dealer. Assistance applies to mechanical or electrical defects which are covered by warranty

Service Intervals

eDeliver 7 Service:

  • 12 months or 18,000 miles (30,000 Kms) thereafter.

MAXUS Dealer Network Services. No-one is better placed than MAXUS to maintain, fit and repair your eDELIVER fast.

MAXUS Dealers repair and maintenance and offer a full year’s guarantee on Original MAXUS Parts. And don’t forget to have a look at our wide range of additional equipment and accessories!

MAXUS Auto Care 

MAXUS Auto Care is an innovative Service, Maintenance & Repair product that supplies business customers with a fully supported, hassle-free service and maintenance package. MAXUS Auto Care is a “Pay-As-You-Go” product that ensures your vehicle is maintained by MAXUS technical experts when work is required. 

MAXUS Auto Care provides the following benefits:
• Full service, maintenance and repair cover
• Tyres can be included within the contract at an additional fixed cost
• Ancillary equipment can also be included (at an additional fixed monthly cost)
• Excludes: Damage/Neglect/Abuse/Glass and bulbs
• A fixed, pre agreed pence per mile rate
• No excess mileage charges at the end of the contract
• No pooled mileage administration
• Minimises downtime

Customer Relations 

MAXUS knows the value of communicating with its business customers and we have established effective ways to support you and your business.
Speak to your local MAXUS dealership, if you are not completely satisfied, please contact the MAXUS UK office on 0800 246 5888. (Mon-Fri 9.00am to 5.30pm, Closed on Bank Holidays). 

You can also visit our website: 

Or write to us at: 

MAXUS HQ Ireland
Harris Maxus UC, Naas Road, Dublin, D12 V065 

MAXUS HQ United Kingdom
Harris Maxus, 719 Eddington Way, Birchwood Park, Warrington,

MAXUS Finance Options

There is a wide variety of ways to purchase a new vehicle. Your local MAXUS dealer can help arrange :

  • HP,
  • Contract Hire,
  • Leasing

Finance offers available to all , so whether you’re a fleet buyer or private buyer, MAXUS dealers are ideally placed to tell you which plan or combination of plans best suits your needs and circumstances.

Subject to status, terms and conditions apply.

Contact your local MAXUS dealer or MAXUS Website for further details.

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